🤝 Support.
👀 Accountability.
👋 Connection.

Wherever you are.

Being a solo entrepreneur doesn't have to mean working alone.

Join your own mini team of solo makers and founders, working side-by-side and getting more done ✅ 📈

A coworking space in your pocket.

Get the structure of working in a coworking space with Project:work - track your tasks publicly with a small hand-picked group of people around you, who know you and what you're working on.


Be supported

Get a team to work alongside: Celebrate successes, overcome problems together, and share knowledge.


Push yourself

We hold each other accountable - stick to our deadlines, do the things we say we will.

All team members can see the tasks everyone has committed to each week.

Overcome obstacles

Facilitated team-chat with a coach, pushing you forward, helping you make the most of your time, making you challenge yourself.

The support you need.

Taking care of yourself as an entrepreneur or maker is important. Having a support network and people to talk things through with is essential, but often forgotten.

By creating a closely-knit team, facilitated by a coach we get more done, together.
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