What would work look like, re-imagined as a multiplayer game?

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Your new coworking space.
And it’s with you, everywhere you go.

Productivity, support and connection,
on demand.

Bringing the coworking experience into your home.

The motivation you need, on-demand

Score points, and unlock rewards by getting your own work done and helping others. Get social accountability from your remote coworking tribe.

A pyjama-friendly coworking space

There's no need to travel to a specific place to be a part of the Project:Work community. So kick back in your PJs and grab a coffee.

AI-enhanced interactions, coaching and matchmaking

We do the hard work so you don't have to. Get automatically introduced to people you want to meet, get structure added to your workday, and be your most productive, supported self.

Deeply integrated into your existing tools: no extra effort

Connect to the tools you already use – save time, share your progress and more. Your existing workflow, with a dash of Project:Work.